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UGE-9M Helical Wind Turbine Unveiled

Posted by Paul Fiddian - Enviro News' Lead Reporter on 31/05/2012 - 10:30:00

UGE-9M Turbine

Innovative wind power firm Urban Green Energy has unveiled a curving wind turbine design that it claims is more powerful than any other of its type. Helical in design, its angled blade system is visually appealing but, more than that, it reportedly brings about a significant decrease in energy costs.

Named the UGE-9M, the design can produce energy from minimal wind strengths and omnidirectional headings. It features dual-axis technology intended to overcome the structural issues associated with earlier vertical axis designs and, according to UGE, has a minimum lifespan of 20 years, based on it being in operation day and night.

It also has a minimal acoustic profile, generating less than 38 decibels of noise in a 12 metre-per-second wind speed, although it can actually withstand winds of over four times that strength.

UGE-9M Turbine

Reinforced with steel, the UGE-9M turbine's blades are manufactured from a mixture of fibreglass and carbon fibre and the energy they capture is fed directly to the electricity grid via a hi-tech electronic system.

‘Powerful yet elegant, UGE-9M redefines how communities and commercial entities can efficiently capture the power from the wind', its developers state in a company press release issued on 31 May 2012.

"We are excited to be bringing the success of our smaller wind turbines into the community market", Mateo Chaskel, Urban Green Energy's AVP of Operations, explains in the same release. "There is significant interest for an efficient and cost-attractive solution at this wind scale, and we are glad to be introducing this new solution to our customers."

Helical Wind Turbine

The UGE-9M helical wind turbine will be showcased alongside other Urban Green Energy projects at the American Wind Energy Association's upcoming Conference and Exhibition. This takes place in Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center between 3-6 June and UGE will be just one of more than 1,000 exhibitors scheduled to be in attendance.

So far, a number of UGE-9M have been installed at locations in the US and Qatar on a pilot trial basis and, already, they're proving their worth.

Image copyright Urban Green Energy

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