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General Electric's Environmental Corporate Policy

GE Environmental Corporate Policy

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Posted by General Electric on 09/06/2009

GE Environmental Corporate Policy

General Electric (GE) is a diversified global infrastructure, finance and media company that is built to meet essential world needs. The company is one of the world's leading energy, water, transportation and health technology suppliers.

GE places a huge emphasis on the development of innovative solutions for today’s global concerns. It has long pioneered innovative solutions to environmental challenges and delivers valuable products and services to customers while generating profitable growth for the company.


With increasing environmental concerns in recent years, wind power has become one of the world’s fastest-growing energy sources. GE’s Energy business maintains a strong focus on wind power, building and deploying technology in this ever-growing field. GE has over 12,000 wind turbine units in operation around the world with production facilities in the United States, China, Germany, Spain and Canada.

From lighter material alternatives to more sophisticated designs, GE is helping lead the next generation of wind technologies with robust designs that deliver cost-effective and reliable wind power.


GE offers a full range of solar electric products from modules to complete systems specially designed for utilities, businesses and homes that are connected to the electric utility grid. GE is currently making investments in multiple platforms, and will soon be offering a broader portfolio of solar electric power solutions. Through its ecomagination program, GE is committed to investing in solar technology with the goal of making solar electric power cost competitive with other power generation technologies.

Carbon Mitigation

GE has cost-efficient technology available today that can help mitigate the environmental impact of coal.  GE IGCC advanced coal technology can produce electricity with lower emissions than conventional coal plants; for example, GE’s partnership with Duke energy, to build a (630 MW) IGCC advanced coal technology plant in Edwardsport, IN, will produce more than 10 times the energy produced by the current four generating units on the site while lowering emissions of sulfur dioxide, particulates, mercury and CO2.


Rising fuel prices along with other key drivers have led to increased concerns to reduce transportation emissions.  Today, GE has dedicated research teams working in advanced battery and hybrid systems technologies to accelerate the electrification of transportation and help enable a cleaner, more diversified energy portfolio.

GE researchers are developing the battery and hybrid systems technology needed to bring the hybrid locomotive to market. GE's hybrid locomotive will provide an additional 10% fuel savings and 10% emissions reduction, capturing energy in the braking process and storing it in batteries to provide a ready supply of clean power to supplement the diesel engine during acceleration


Water conservation and reuse have grown in importance across both public and private sectors.  In May 2008, GE announced a goal to reduce its freshwater consumption by 20% from a baseline of 2006 to 2012.  Since that time, GE has established a plan to identify and assess its sites for water reduction.

Additionally, GE provides a number of products and services in this space including enhanced water reuse and purification systems through the company’s desalination platform.  GE has also partnered with a number of customers, including Elion Chemical, who has used GE’s water treatment technology to reduce its industrial discharge into the environmentally sensitive Yellow River in China.

GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency

Since launching ecomagination in 2005, GE has been committed to reducing its GHG emissions 1% by 2012, reducing the intensity of GE’s GHG emissions 30% by 2008 and improving energy efficiency 30% by the end of 2012 (all compared to 2004). GE is on track to reach its internal commitment with GHG emissions from operations in 2007 have been reduced by about 9% from the 2004 baseline. GHG and energy intensity have been reduced by 35% and 34%, respectively, compared to 2004.

eCo2 Awards

One way that GE recognizes the dedication of its employees to the company’s 1-30-30 efforts  is through the eCO2 awards and certification program. This program recognizes the sites that achieve at least a 5% absolute GHG reduction independent of changes in production levels.

GE Remediation

GE takes part in a large number of remediation projects to clear hazardous pollution in accordance with relevant laws.

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