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Tesco Environmental Corporate Policy

Tesco's Environment Policies

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Posted by Tesco on 03/12/2008

Tesco's Environment Policies

Tesco's environment policies cover a wide range of subjects. This is due to the large size and complexity of the operations run, and their strength in the current markets gives them the power to make change that will help the environment, working with customers and producers.

Tesco Cut Carbon Emissions

Leading by example Tesco successfully cut their carbon emissions per square foot of net sales area from 2006 to 2007 by 4.7%.

Recognising how refrigeration systems(in store and when transporting) cause 19% of Tesco's carbon footprint has lead to new technologies for refrigeration to be developed. A new CO2 refrigeration system has already been designed and installed helping reduce carbon emissions further. For further information regarding Tesco's climate change please visit:

Sustainable Technology Funds

Tesco have established a £100 million Sustainable Technology Fund which includes the installation of wind turbines, low carbon energy,  ground source heat pumps, photovoltaic cells to power the tills, rainwater collection and automated recycling units for customers.    

Tesco work closely with other organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. For example working with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in South Korea and Thailand.

In 2007 they also committed £25 million over a 5 year period to fund a new Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) based at Manchester university.

Full information for Tesco environmental partnerships is available here:

Tesco Reduce Waste

Tesco aim to reduce wasted created during its operations. The largest sources of waste is distribution packaging removed in store by workers. Work being carried out with suppliers will reduce the amount of distribution packaging and Tesco's have reusable transit trays which in 2007 replaced the use of 130,000 tonnes of cardboard.

Waste to landfill has been cut in recent years, Irish stores plan to recycle 100% of its store waste, and currently in the UK over 70% of store waste is recycled. Food waste is reduced with surplus supplies being donated in partnership with FareShare.

Product Packaging Reductions

Tesco's product packaging reductions will see 25% less packaging by 2010 on own brand products and branded items. Each own brand product will also detail recyclability information.

Tesco Automated Recycling Facilities

Already ahead of EU targets for electrical recycling, Tesco customers have a wide choice of recycling capabilities. Approximately 200,000 tonnes of waste is recycled by customers using Tesco recycling facilities. Tesco were the first UK supermarket to install automated recycling units.  The recycling units can accept a wide range of materials from plastic, glass, metal or carrier bags, thus making it an easy 'one-stop shop' when recycling. The storage capacity of the automated recycling facilities is very high, meaning less emissions are used collecting and processing the recycling. 

Carrier Bags

Tesco do not try and enforce customers to reuse carrier bags, instead inform and encourage customers. The bag for life scheme is being extended due to their success, and a new popular jute bag. Carrier bag usage in UK stores has dropped by 25%, equivalent to over one billion bags saved.

For further information regarding how Tesco is helping customers make green choices please visit:

Further environmental issues tackled by Tesco's:

Research into biofuel - which will help highlight how environmentally friendly the fuel is.
Seafood sustainability - using responsibly managed fisheries
Genetically Modified (GM) Foods - Own Brand GM foods are not sold and GM feed is prohibited in organic products.
Timber - purchasing Timber products from legal sustainable sources.

Disclaimer: The information above was not provided by Tesco, instead creating using materials available online and Tesco do not endorse 

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