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Waste Management

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707 Waste Management Services

707 Resource Management

United Kingdom Section: Waste and Recycling | Category: Wood | Plastic | Paper | Glass | Clothing

707 Resource Management provides a complete national waste management and recycling service.

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AB Technology Limited

United Kingdom Section: Waste and Recycling | Category: Shredders

AB Technology limited, specialist suppliers of office equipment, offer an extensive range of recycled and environmentally friendly products.

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Advanced Recycling Systems

United Kingdom Section: Waste and Recycling | Category: Shredders | Refuse Collection Ve... | Recycling | Processing | Office Equipment

Advanced Recycling Systems manufacture shredding machines, paper balers and recycling equipment for business recycling projects.

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AMEC Earth and Environmental

United Kingdom Section: Energy and Carbon | Category: Carbon Emissions Man... | Engineering, Archite... | Materials | Waste Management | Water Treatment

AMEC provide innovative solutions using proven waste minimisation, treatment and disposal methods. We also focus on supplying solutions for the re-use of waste materials and for improving the environmental performance of waste management facilities.

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CountyClean Environmental Services Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Safety in the Environment | Category: Waste Handling | Health and Safety

CountyClean Environmental Services Ltd is dedicated to safeguarding the environment.

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    HESCO, Storm Barriers, Flood Barriers, Erosion Barriers, Protective Structures, Levee Elevation, Levee Repairs, Wetland Restoration, Storm Defense, Flood Defense

  • Swan Analytical Instruments

    Chlorine, Ozone and ClO2 meters, Water Conductivity Meters, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

  • Presona AB

    Recycling Balers, Sorting Plants, Waste Extraction Plants, Baling and Sorting Recyclables, Recycling, Presona AB

  • Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

    Verderflex Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps, Peristaltic Pump Dosing, Pumps for Wastewater, Tube Pump, Hose Pump, Dosing Pump

  • Red Acoustics

    Acoustics monitoring, architectural acoustics design, noise modeling, environmental acoustics, vibration assessment